Basin Agency

The national and state water resources policies establish the Water Resources Management System which, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is formed by the State Water Resources Council, the State Water Resources Fund, the Hydrographic Basin Committees, the entities of the federal, state and municipal public authorities (whose powers are related to the management of water resources) and by the Water Agencies.

The Water Agencies are entities with their own legal personality and financial and administrative autonomy. They have the objective of providing technical and administrative support to the basin committees, exercising, among other functions, the work of executive secretariat.

In the Guandu-RJ Committee, this role is played by the Paraíba do Sul River Basin Water Pro-Management Association (AGEVAP). Created on June 20, 2002, AGEVAP is a private law association with non-economic purposes. It was initially constituted for the exercise of the functions of executive secretariat and currently carries out the attributions defined in Art. 44 of Federal Law nº 9.433/97, in Art. 59 of State Law of Rio de Janeiro nº 3.239/99 and in Art. 38 of Minas Gerais State Law nº 13.199/99, which deal with the competences of the so-called Water Agencies or Basin Agencies. Its technical and administrative staff is made up of professionals approved in a public selection process.

Headquartered in Resende (RJ), and ten units in three states in the Southeast region, AGEVAP is formed by a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, a Fiscal Council and an Executive Board. The association has eight Management Contracts signed with the National Water and Basic Sanitation Agency (ANA), the State Environmental Institute (Inea) and the Minas Gerais Water Management Institute (IGAM), serving eleven river basin committees (two federal and nine state), including the Guandu-RJ Committee.

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Delegation Resolutions

The Delegation Resolutions allow the Paraíba do Sul River Basin Water Pro-Management Association (AGEVAP) to perform the functions of a Basin Agency defined in Federal Law No. 9.433/1997, in State Law No. 3.239/1999 of Rio de Janeiro and State Law No. 13.199/1999 of Minas Gerais for various committees, including the Guandu-RJ Committee.

The Delegation Resolutions regarding compliance with the Guandu-RJ Committee are available below.

The others, referring to the other committees served by AGEVAP can be accessed by clicking here.

Guandu-RJ Committee Delegation Resolutions

CERHI/RJ Resolution No. 229/2020
Provides for the extension of the appointment of the Pro-Management Association of the Waters of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin – AGEVAP as Delegating Entity of the functions of water agency, having as intervener the Ilha Grande Bay Hydrographic Basin Committees – Hydrographic Region I and the Guandu, Guarda and Guandu-Mirim Rivers – Hydrographic Region II.

CERHI/RJ Resolution No. 143/2015
Provides for the extension of the appointment of the Association Pro-Gestão das Águas da Rio Paraíba do Sul River Basin – AGEVAP as delegated entity of the functions of the Water Agency, having as intervener the Committee on the Hydrographic Basins of the Guandu, Guarda and Guandu Rivers. Mirim – Hydrographic Region II.

CERHI/RJ Resolution No. 50/2010
It delegates competence to AGEVAP to perform the functions of Delegate Entity of the Water Agency of the Guandu Committee.


AGEVAP’s Bylaws gather rules and guidelines that structure its operation and administration. Approved at the time of the creation of the Agency, on June 20, 2002, in Juiz de Fora (MG), the original document has already undergone 10 changes, the last one being approved in October 2020.

The original documents and the history of changes are available below for consultation.

Social statute
Social statute – 1st Amendment
Social statute – 2nd Amendment
Social statute – 3rd Amendment
Social statute – 4th Amendment
Social statute – 5th Amendment
Social statute – 6th Amendment
Social statute – 7th Amendment
Social statute – 8th Amendment
Social statute – 9th Amendment
Social statute – 9th (re-ratified)
Social statute – 10th

Management Contract

Management Contracts (GC), in general, are agreements signed between the government and other entities, in which management responsibilities, goals based on indicators and evaluation criteria are established.

On October 18, 2010, AGEVAP signed with the State Environmental Institute (Inea), with the mediation of the Guandu-RJ Committee, the Inea Management Contract No. 03/2010, for the exercise of the functions of the Watersheds Agency of the Guandu, Guarda and Guandu-Mirim rivers.

Below you can check the GC nº 03/2010, as well as its Addendum Terms, Operational Manual and Execution, Evaluation and Billing Reports for the Use of Water.