This Thursday, March 18, the Guandu Committee will hold the first ordinary meetings of the year of the Technical Chambers for General Studies (CTEG) and for Legal and Management Instruments (CTIL-G). The first meeting of the Technical Chamber for Basic Sanitation will be held on the 25th. In these first meetings, the collegiate will elect the new composition of these bodies, which are so important for the construction of projects, actions and advances that the basin so much needs. Institutions inducted in this composition that have registered for the instances may be chosen.

The first meeting will be held by the Technical Chamber of General Studies (CTEG), on the 18th, at 9:30 am. CTEG aims to study, analyze, issue opinions and monitor the preparation of studies and projects, making them compatible with the Water Resources Plan, considering regional development and the recovery, conservation and protection of the environment; identify the causes and adverse effects of pollution, drought and silting of rivers, considering interventions to solve the problems, among other things. CTEG actively works in the construction and forwarding of projects  foreseen in the Basin Plan, meeting the demands of the Plenary and Collegiate Board of the Committee. 

On the same day, at 1:30 pm, the Technical Chamber for Legal and Management Instruments (CTIL-G) will also meet to compose its chairs. This instance aims to analyze and propose joint actions to minimize or resolve existing conflicts, propose guidelines for the integrated management of the basin, promote actions to integrate the management of inland, surface, underground, estuary and coastal waters, and propose criteria and procedures of distribution for the application of resources destined to the basin, including transparency and inspection procedures, among others. This instance addresses internal legal aspects and analyzes and issues opinions in relation to state and national legislation that may impact the basin. It is the legal support for the deliberations of the collegiate.

The Technical Chamber for Basic Sanitation (CTSB) will meet on the 25th, at 9:30 am, when it will define its new formation. Created in 2020, CTSB has the important mission of studying and contributing to planning related to urban and rural sanitation in the hydrographic region, in addition to following up on sanitation projects, framing of water bodies and monitoring. The lack of sanitary sewage is currently the main problem in the basin, which supplies about nine million people, a fact that highlights the responsibility of the institutions that will be part of this instance.

The Technical Chambers are made up of 12 institutions, with four representatives of water users (productive sector and agricultural and/or fishing associations), four representatives of organized civil society, and four representatives of public authorities.

The meetings of these instances are monthly and deal with issues forwarded by the Collegiate.

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