Representatives of the Guandu-RJ Committee, AGEVAP, ABES/RJ and Iguá Saneamento were on a technical visit this Wednesday, the 27th, at Complexo da Light, in Paracambi and Piraí/RJ. The visit was an opportunity to learn about how the basin’s waters generate electricity for the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, through the Complex’s plants. The objective, in addition to knowing, was to debate the importance of monitoring and actions in favor of water availability in the basin, since the same water that generates electricity is used for supply. The members were able to understand how the hydraulic structures that generate energy for the state and still supply around 90% of the water in the Rio Guandu-RJ, which supplies nine million people in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, work. During the visit, specialists from the Committee, Light, AGEVAP and guests were able to debate issues such as water monitoring and the communication of this data to the population. The visit took place at the Pereira Passos, Fontes Novas, Fontes Velha, Nilo Peçanha Hydroelectric Power Plants and at the Lajes Reservoir Dam. The Guandu-RJ Committee works to monitor these reservoirs, which are so important for supplying the state. To find out the levels, simply access SIGA-Guandu, the Geographical and Geoenvironmental Information System for the Guandu, Guarda and Guandu-Mirim Rivers Hydrographic Basins: In addition, the Collegiate is working on the implementation of a Monitoring project in the Basin, with information on flow and quality in real time. Access and get to know it!

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