Contingency Plan for Water Supply

The Water Supply Contingency Plan deals with planning for environmental emergencies that may endanger the supply of raw water for public supply purposes.  It is composed of a set of documents that define specific and integrated actions, of different types (preventive, preparation, response, recovery and mitigation), based on technical-scientific procedures and approaches, supported by information bases, and on involvement and interaction of multiple actors.

 The main focus of this plan is situations of accidents that can generate accidental pollution, reaching surface water sources and affecting collections used for public supply.  The main object is the hydrographic contribution area of ​​the Guandu catchment system and Water Treatment Station (ETA), due to its strategic nature for the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro (RMRJ), which currently has no other alternatives of the same magnitude for its supply, except in emergency situations and of short duration.  Furthermore, due to the dependence on water transposition, a stretch of the Paraíba do Sul river basin and the Piraí river basin are also studied.

 Based on an extensive diagnosis of potential risk scenarios throughout the Hydrographic Region, the plan suggests a series of integrated prevention and response actions in the event of accidents that could compromise the basin’s water bodies.  Completed in 2015, it is in the articulation phase with the institutions involved, being the only plan of this nature in the State.

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26 de November de 2021