Water and Forest Producers

Water and Forest Producers (PAF Rio Claro)

 The Water and Forest Producers (PAF) project is a Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) initiative started in 2008, which encourages forest restoration and conservation actions through monetary compensation to rural producers in the municipality of Rio Claro .  67 producers participate in the project, totaling 4,036 hectares preserved and 514 already restored.  Due to the success of the PAF, the Program for Payment for Environmental Services in the Hydrographic Region II (PRO-PSA Guandu) was created.  It aims to contribute to the adoption of environmental conservation and restoration practices in other areas of the Guandu Hydrographic Region.

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 Water and Forest Producers (PAF Sacra Família)

 Motivated by the experience of the Producers de Água and Forest project carried out in Rio Claro, the Guandu Committee approved the Payment for Environmental Services Program (PRO-PSA GUANDU) with the aim of developing new PES projects in other municipalities and sub-basins in the Region Hydrographic.

 In this context, by means of public notice nº 04/2015, the Water and Forest Producers project in the sub-basin of the Sacra Família River (PAF-Sacra Família) was selected.

 The PAF-Sacra Família covers the municipalities of Mendes, Vassouras and Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin and aims to conserve 1,000 hectares of forests and restore 50 hectares of anthropogenic areas, in addition to financial compensation to rural landowners who have proven to contribute to maintenance and improvement in the provision of environmental services.

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26 de November de 2021