The new platform for the Integrated Water Management System for the Guandu, Guarda and Guandu-Mirim Rivers Hydrographic Basins (SIGA Guandu) is now in place; it is up in the air. Its update has as its main objective to assist in decision making in the water resources management process through a set of tools offered on the platform, such as SIGAWeb, the Hí Drico, Basin Observatory, Reservoir Situation Room, among others.

These new options facilitate the creation and updating of data, enabling the dissemination and monitoring of projects, as well as other information about the situation. qualitative and quantitative of the water resources of the Guandu Basin.

The current format is; developed by the Codex/GT4W Consortium, contracted by AGEVAP. SIGA Web and Water Balance modules were published. The platform has a more user-friendly interface and features that allow for spatial analysis in a web environment, highlighting navigation tools, manipulation of data tables, tools for downloading layers, converters. units, location and measurement tools, and print and thematic map production tools.

The SIGA Guandu is; a platform that provides transparency in Basin information and is accessible to all audiences. To learn more and access the page, click on the link:



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