The online registration form for enrollment in the training process “MonitoraEA Environmental Education Public Policy Indicators”, by ANPPEA – National Articulation of Environmental Education Public Policies, is available free of charge by the Committee Guandu-RJ.The objective is to contribute to the strengthening of public policies on environmental education for the transition to sustainable societies.This first class is exclusively for members of the collegiate.Seats are limited and will be filled in accordance with the criteria established by the Working Group of Environmental Education.

The pedagogical activities of the formative process will be developed through synchronous meetings (through the Zoom platform), and in asynchronous activities (between one meeting at Zoom and another). In all, there will be five 4-hour meetings/activities from 2 pm to 6 pm, coordinated and mediated by the ANPPEA team. The training process has a total workload of 48 hours.

According to the work plan sent by FUNBEA – Brazilian Environmental Education Fund, the activities that will train actors to act in the field of public policies imply training, knowledge dialogues, technologies, communication, institutional articulation, socialization of information among other elements that encourage social innovation, the commitment of all to assume shared and qualified responsibility between government and society, in addition to the consolidation of policies in their formulation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring stages. For this, the proposed training process brings theoretical-practical syllabus referring to public policies and their analysis dimensions, as well as indicators, monitoring, evaluation of multicentric public policies in Environmental Education and the technological tool for spatial analysis – MonitoraEA.

The MonitoraEA Brazilian System was built by ANPPEA – National Articulation of Public Policies on Environmental Education, from its executive secretariat, composed by FunBEA – Brazilian Environmental Education Fund; Laboratory of Education and Environmental Policy of the Superior School of Agriculture

Luiz de Queiroz from the University of São Paulo (OCA/ESALQ/USP); by the Engajados Institute and the Laboratory for Analysis and Development of Indicators for Sustainability, of the General Coordination of Earth Sciences, of the National Institute for Space Research (LADIS/CGCT/INPE).

The class will have a minimum of fifteen and a maximum of forty participants. As this first group is exclusively for members of the Collegiate, the form for registering intentions was sent by email to the representatives of the institutions in the Guandu-RJ Committee. Interested parties must complete the online form by September 6, 2021. The training will start on September 15.

Phone: (21) 3787 3729
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First class is exclusively for members of the Guandu-RJ Committee