The Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro published the notice of notice for the bidding of the State Water Security Plan (Peshi). The objective is to promote initiatives aimed at increasing water security at the state level, related to the supply and development of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The Plan is the main planning instrument of the State Water Security Program (Prosegh), launched in February 2021 (Decree n° 47.498). The Program is not limited to actions carried out and managed by the State, bringing together actions and projects initiated by the public sector, the private sector, civil society and the Guandu-RJ Committee.

The State Water Security Plan (Peshi), of the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability of Rio, intends to create guidelines for the investments and actions of the government. It aims to identify current and potential problems related to water security in the state, proposing measures capable of guaranteeing water in quantity and quality to meet human, environmental and economic needs, as well as proposals for interventions to prevent, mitigate and adapt to extreme hydrological events from droughts and floods.

The Plan is part of the Water Safety Program (Prosegh), an initiative of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro for projects on increasing the supply of water, recovering water sources, reforestation, reducing the risk of drought and preventing flooding and environmental accidents. The program is the result of inter-institutional articulation in favor of water security, of which the Guandu Committee is a part. The objective is to share information, experiences and offer new technologies and possible sources of financing. The organizations meet monthly to discuss actions in the Permanent Interinstitutional Technical Group for Monitoring Water Security.

The Bidding Notice for the State Water Security Plan (Peshi) and its annexes are available to interested parties on the SEAS website, through the link

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