The Guandu-RJ Committee approved yesterday (04/08), in its 4th Plenary Meeting, the resolution that allocates R$107 million for the execution of the complementary infrastructure to the sewage treatment of the Sanear Guandu-RJ Program. 

The Poços, Queimados and Rio Ipiranga rivers, initial areas of the investment, are responsible for the largest discharge of sewage into the basin which supplies one hundred and fifty districts of Rio de Janeiro and nine other municipalities in the Baixada Fluminense. 

The purpose of the resolution is foster works and complementary actions that reduce the impact of pollution caused by domestic effluents that are discharged into water bodies in the Hydrographic Region II , harming the state of Rio de Janeiro the environment and public health. 

The amount allocated to the project comes from the charge for the use of water in the basin. 

The initiative is a  reinforcement the Sanear Guandu program, which invests in sanitary sewage, contemplating the implementation of the structures foreseen in the Water Resources Strategic Plan of the Guandu basin and the Rural Sanitation project, among others also focused on sewage urban toilet. 


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