Representatives of the Board of Directors of the Guandu-RJ Committee met this Tuesday afternoon (4) with the Consul for economic affairs of Israel Trade & Investment, Itzhak “Tsahi” Reich. Israel Trade & Investment is part of the Foreign Trade Department of the Israel Ministry of Economy. The purpose of the meeting was to learn about and discuss technologies and efforts that can be carried out in partnership for the development and improvement of the environmental quality of the basin.

Environmental engineer Caroline Lopes, specialist in water resources for the Committee delegate, introduced Consul Itzhak Reich and Business Development Manager Lia Vonglehn about the hydrographic region and spoke about the importance of the basin for water security in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro . Another point discussed was related to the actions and projects implemented, under implementation and foreseen by the Strategic Plan for Water Resources of the Guandu-RJ Committee, within each thematic agenda. The representatives sought to understand the state’s water resources management system and the role of the Collegiate. Lia Vonglehn presented the work of the office in Brazil, explaining that the objective is to offer solutions and research by public and private organizations in Israel, through partnerships. She cited as an example, seeds developed at a research center in Israel that reduce water evapotranspiration, cause a slight increase in temperature, making the algae responsible for geosmin not survive or proliferate in the water. “It is always an opportunity to debate any and all ways to promote improvements in the basin. New technologies can open up the range of options for solutions to the many problems we have to face in order to guarantee water security in the Metropolitan Region”, said Paulo de Tarso Pimenta, General Director of the Guandu-RJ Committee.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives pledged to study and evaluate the performance of organizations and the ways in which they can develop joint work, whether through sharing experiences and technologies or through pilot projects.

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