The Guandu Committee promoted, last Wednesday (16), its first online roundtable, through a digital platform. “WaterTech: Environmental Sanitation Solutions” presented new technologies for complete and complementary sanitation solutions that can be applied in the RH II Guandu Hydrographic Region.

Mediated by the Executive Director of the Guandu Committee, Ana Asti, the first discussion block was attended by the company FoxWater. The Administrative Manager, Christian Kozuf, exhibited new technologies for the treatment of effluents and water with personalized service according to the needs of each company.

In the block’s second presentation, Essencial BioGill’s founding partner, Marcius Omena, demonstrated his decentralized effluent treatment systems that reduce collection costs and generate low impact.

For the complementary solutions block, Alexandre Villanova from FilterSafe presented the technological production of an automatic filtration system for water treatment.

To end the event, the treatment of pollutants using beeswax was the theme of the presentation by the company GMV, the President, Rafael Caetano and the Responsible Technician, Pedro Telesforo demonstrated how the PRP system works, a technology obtained through the Space Agency ( NASA).

“It is a great challenge to bring the topic of new technologies to the discussion in the sanitation world and to our Watershed Committee, but the decision to hold this seminar was very well accepted by all our members. I hope this roundtable is the first of many to come.”, declared Director Ana Asti.

During the event, several representatives of the committee, society and academia were present. And soon the event will be available on the Youtube channel, follow it.


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