The Guandu-RJ Committee will invest, this year, around 1.5 million reais in the preparation of Municipal Environmental Education Programs (ProMEA) in 13 municipalities in the basin that do not yet have their respective programs.

ProMEA provide greater awareness among the population about their way of inhabiting the world, aiming to establish several actions within the municipalities that can promote sustainable development. They must also ensure the continued development of environmental education in the municipality as a way to boost governance based on scientific evidence, contributing to the regeneration, protection and conservation of ecosystems.

The construction of the ProMEA will be followed by the elaboration of the Environmental Education Plan for Hydrographic Region II – Guandu/RJ with a focus on water resources, an action foreseen in the PERH Guandu.

With these investments, the Guandu-RJ Committee hopes to collaborate with public policies for environmental education in the territory, generating synergy with actions at the municipal and state levels, ensuring better definition of priority actions and generating greater revenue for municipalities through the Ecological ICMS.

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